Brazil won against Peru in the Copa America group B. The final score was 4-0 (1-0).

Brazil took an early lead when Alex Sandro scored a goal after 12 minutes, with an assist by Gabriel Jesus, making it 0-1.

After that the game came to a long, indecisive standstill. In the 68th minute, Neymar scored a goal, with an assist by Fred, to increase the lead for Brazil.

The 3-0 goal came, when Everton Ribeiro scored a goal for Brazil, with an assist by Richarlison.

Brazil increased the lead even more as Richarlison scored a goal in the 90th minute, what brought the final score to 4-0.

Brazil are now in first place in the league.

In the next round, Brazil take on Colombia at home on Thursday. Peru play away to Colombia on Monday.


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