Vini Jr: €45m becomes €120m

These days the ‘online’ valuation of many players at famous websites can be very controversial. But some facts are just facts. When Flamengo sold the youngster Vini Jr. for €45 Million a few years ago, many raised eyebrows in Brazil.

The market was already changing in Brazil, and big clubs were not being able to wait until young south Americans became regulars with beautiful numbers.

The bets had to be a bit riskier because the prices were skyrocketing for ‘sure bets’ or at least, players that seemed unlikely to flop in Europe.

Vini Jr. certainly delivered impressive results already. Some may question his skills compared with Mbappé, for example, especially after Real Madrid failed to complete the transfer from PSG before Vinícius ‘blossomed fully’.

I always like to remember players that decide historical games such as the finals of the Champions League and The FIFA World Cup.

And the 2022 Champions League Final was decided by… A goal of Vini Jr. This means something obvious: The Brazilian is no longer a player full of potential, he’s the reality of Real Madrid.

He needs to improve very few things to ‘reach’ the price tag of Mbappé, according to Transfermarkt. Vini Jr is worth €120m these days according to the website, and he’s the 3rd most valuable player in the world, and the most valuable one in La Liga.

Many would argue in Madrid that he needs to be a bit keener when finishing, and he can reach Mbappé/Haaland-like price tags. I agree, although to say he’s prone to wasting chances is a big exaggeration. We’re just discussing what it takes to be the most valuable guys in the world of footie.

But Kylian Mbappé is worth €180m according to the same source. Of course, many transfers have prices in practice that are well above and well below the average market price according to sources like these, as well as according to the valuation of football consultancies and even common sense.

Vini Jr: A Game Changer

It’s easy to see why Vini Jr’s price tag increased significantly since his arrival from Rio de Janeiro. Today’s victory of Real Madrid against Valencia at home is a perfect example of that.

The game had been tough for Los Blancos, and after a goal of Asensio that will be remembered as one of his best moments ever, things were easier for Real Madrid.

But this Real Madrid often struggles when they are ahead by just one goal. This team is not prone to destroying adversaries with many goals, which is a reason why I rarely see value in backing them at big negative handicaps.

The second goal is always very, very welcome for Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid, and today Vini scored with confidence, a much-needed second goal that allowed Los Blancos to keep chasing Barça.

The goal was especially important as Carletto was able to rest Kroos and Modric after the 2-0 score, as the Madrid side will be forced to travel to Morocco for the controversial FIFA Club World Cup.

Real Madrid and the FIFA Club World Cup 2022

Many players of this squad will be travelling outside Europe for the third time in a 70-day time window for reasons completely unrelated to Real Madrid’s priorities (La Liga and the Champions League). I’m talking about the World Cup (ok, this one is fine), the Saudi Arabia Super Cup, and now the Morocco FIFA Club World Cup.

If the ‘hunger’ of Real Madrid was questioned in the Super Cup final against Barça, it’s pretty obvious that they won’t be ‘that interested’ in a tournament that Infantino himself is keen to alter significantly very soon.

The betting markets can be pretty unpredictable in this game. I wouldn’t bet on Los Blancos in advance in any game. I need to see them caring about this tournament before any gambling action!