Real Madrid v Chelsea: Betting Preview

Chelsea recently sacked Potter and the firing of the coach came in a poor timing in the eyes of many. Could the arrival of Lampard as a caretaker manager change radically the mood of the squad and boost morale?

And if he can, is it enough to beat Real Madrid? Los Blancos are in pretty decent form. While it’s fair to say that they often underperform when they don’t use Camavinga or Mendy as a left back, the squad is still considerably oiled, or at least a lot more than Chelsea.

The biggest problem for Chelsea now seems to be the lack of a clear formation, strategy and team chemistry to accommodate all the expensive arrivals of last January.

Betting Preview

In the 1×2 market, the odds for a victory of Real Madrid are 1.70 on average, which is the mathematically equivalent of Real Madrid -0.5 @1.70 in the decimal system.

The odds for a victory of Chelsea are 5.0 on average, and the odds for a match draw are 3.70 on most bookies.

Nothing seems to be overly valuable here as the chances of Madrid winning this one should be somewhere between 50% and 75%, and if we’re right and if their chances are right in between these extremes, odds of Real Madrid winning @ 62.5% would mean 100% / 62.5 % = 1.60 (fair odds) which means no great value.

I guess the best chance to profit here is if Chelsea scores very early and stops attacking at all, or if Real Madrid proves to be dominating the actions in the attacking zone late in the game as these odds tend to melt into a more palatable -0.5 @2.20+ or even -1/4 ball, and depending on the circumstances, even [email protected]+ which could be quite interesting.

Market Swings for Real Madrid v Chelsea

The average drop in the odds for Real Madrid ‘1’ were around 30 clicks, since March 17th when the odds were released at most bookies. They have dropped from circa 2.05 to the 1.75 on average, which shows us that the bettors trust that Real Madrid was being underestimated.

On the other hand, the odds for Chelsea to win started at 5.10 on average and now the average odds are 5.50, balancing the markets.

The over/under lines are around 2.0 with 2.5 lines, which shows us an expectation of a pretty average game in terms of how many goals the fixture itself can produce.

Score at Any Moment of the Game: Betting Market

In the upcoming game between Real Madrid and Chelsea, the ‘score at anytime’ betting market is buzzing with excitement, as bettors look to place their stakes on individual players to score at any point during the match.

In this market, decimal odds are assigned to each player, with lower odds indicating a higher likelihood of scoring.

For instance, Karim Benzema is leading the pack with odds of 1.98, followed by Marco Asensio at 2.80, and Mariano Diaz and Álvaro Daniel Rodríguez Munoz both at 2.95.

Chelsea’s top contenders include Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at 4.30, Kai Havertz at 4.50, and Joao Felix at 4.60.

With an extensive list of players and their respective odds, this market offers numerous betting opportunities for both Real Madrid and Chelsea fans, making the upcoming match even more thrilling and engaging for those who wish to participate in the ‘score at anytime’ betting market.

However, some consider that the odds of Benzema are a bit too low as odds under 2.0 ‘translate’ as 50% of chance of something happening. Does Benzema have a bigger chance to score against The Blues? You decide!