How to Profit Using Betting Previews

Our betting guides are designed by betting professionals including me, the Editor, Lucas Mondelo and our Senior writer Dan King. We both have more than 3 decades of experience combined seeing how professional bettors bring home the bacon.

Our goal is not to be the typical tipster website. The usual services you find have a big limitation which is the odds fluctuation of the markets. In other words, tipster services, both free and paid-subscription style, have a big limitation which is the nature of the markets.

Independent traders that feed these services usually bet themselves first – which already hurts the odds on occasion – and then you see it published. Even at professional, big syndicates, ‘realising’ that some odd carries value is just the first step. The act of trading is time-consuming.

Especially when you pay for tips, making sure that you’re following all the bets is important. The system of a trader is not fully represented only by a fraction of his bets.

What LLA wants to do for you

The goal of this website is to educate the reader to make smart choices. I love to make observations such as ‘if the home team suffers a goal early, then bet if the odds are equal or better than [email protected] in the AH markets‘.

We want to innovate and become a reference in terms of arming the bettors with ideas and plans to bet in case the opportunity presents itself. I also love this phrase, ‘when the opportunity presents itself’. By being armed with the right information, the punters can be ready to profit more than the average tip-follower.

The Structure of Our Copa del Rey Betting  Previews

As you can see, for example, on Dan King’s latest betting Preview for the Copa Del Rey game of Barcelona tomorrow, we have a system to deliver consistent previews.

Our readers, both here and at previous projects we had, know what to expect in terms of how the previews will look like, as well as the previews.

We start with an analysis of both teams and the match itself, qualitatively.

This is a part of the work that you can skip if you are only willing to check what we think numbers wise, but we strongly recommend that you read the full articles, because our goal is to help you decide when to bet.

The second part of the previews is the betting preview itself,

Using Our Analysis in Practice

Dan and I bring to you qualitative inputs about specific games and tournaments, while our colleagues Aditya and Ajai bring deep insights about the beautiful game itself, players and stats.

We want to be a helping hand to

a) bettors that want to go for the big win and profit in the long run
b) recreational bettors that want to bet for fun, but win more while doing so.

The ‘path’ to doing so is the same: absorbing quality information both in the form of betting guides about markets and specific analysis and recommendations about every game in La Liga and the big games of Copa del Rey and the UEFA Champions League of the Spanish giants.

I always encourage Dan to share direct ideas to bet, pointing directly where he sees value for you readers.

The ideas of LLA, however, is more complete: be a digest, and provide information that will save you time when researching to make profitable bets that involve top-flight Spanish teams.