Antoine Griezmann has finally arrived at the Camp Nou. A soap opera that was not supposed to be one stretched for far too long but now, alas, the highly-rated Frenchman is Blaugrana at last. But this was very much the easier part of the job and the true headaches and conundrum are about to begin for Ernesto Valverde.

How do you fit Griezmann into Barcelona’s lineup while optimising his return? Do you play him alongside Luis Suárez or instead of him? And more importantly, how do you squeeze both Griezmann and Lionel Messi into the same team? This tactical analysis will aim to answer all of those questions and show you how Griezmann could fit this Barcelona team and can it give the Catalans the glory they are so desperate to achieve.

System variations

It will be interesting to see what tactics Ernesto Valverde decides to deploy knowing that his all-star team is getting pretty packed with big names. How can he accommodate all of them while retaining their full potential and without sacrificing any qualities along the way? Without question, we will have to see some adjustments and bravery in the Ant’s tactics but in general, we can try to identify some of the possible system variations he could use in the future.

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