Barcelona is a football club with a long and illustrious history, as well as a recent history that is even more illustrious. The best players, managers, and fans have been entrusted to the team However, in the last several years, all of that has slightly altered. Barcelona’s decline was painfully gradual and gradual, but not unpredictably so. The demotion is due to issues with their books, bad administration, and inadequate signing. If it wasn’t enough, Barcelona had to deal with the departure of Lionel Messi, which was not part of the script for Barcelona at all.

So, managers sacked, players removed and the status of being a Champions League Club? – lost.  It would have been unthinkable 5 years ago to conceive a Barcelona squad without Messi, playing on a Thursday night. But life is funny, and that is precisely the scenario in which Barcelona finds itself. All hope is not lost though. The situation is precarious but with a familiar face at the helm, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The midfield maestro Xavi Hernandez was brought back at the club in a managerial capacity. With his club in an atrocious state, Xavi had to find ways to limit the damage and in the long vision bring back the glory days. Xavi’s challenge is like ascending Mount Everest, but he has begun his ascent with some crucial signings during the winter transfer window.

Xavi is a man with a mission to save Barcelona. Here are his Key Signings:

1] Ferrán Torres from Manchester City:

Barcelona has recruited Ferrán Torres from Manchester City to help them with their front-line problems. Ferrán Torres has the potential to be an excellent instinctual striker, and Barcelona has made a calculated decision to address their front-line problems. Ferrán with his limited time and exposure at Manchester City managed to show what he is capable of. He is the kind of player who, if given a chance will always produce something. It always felt like, whenever he came on for Manchester City, he was on the score sheet.

A natural finisher with an eye for a goal, Xavi’s Barcelona made a fine investment in signing this 22-year-old from Manchester City.

2] Adama Traoré from Wolves:

Barcelona made an unexpected signing in the form of Adama Traoré from Wolverhampton Wanderers. With 63 appearances and scoring 8 goals for Barcelona B. Xavi decided to bring the winger back to Camp Nou. Now Barcelona fans can stay a little skeptical about this signing. Adama has a blistering pace, he can skip past any full-back but after that, well. A criticism from his tenure at Wolves reveals that Adama’s end product needs some fixing. with Traore’s age and Xavi to help him out, Barcelona should hope that Xavi can get the best out of 26-year-old.

With a blistering pace and a much-improved end-product, Adama Traore at full potential could potentially be a dangerous weapon for Xavi. But until that happens, we have to sit and wait.

3] Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Arsenal:

Although on a loan deal, this is the riskiest signing Xavi has made so far. With Aubameyang’s controversies at Arsenal and Arteta leaving him out on several occasions due to disciplinary measures, Xavi is taking a huge leap of faith with Aubameyang. But that can be explained by the fact that Xavi is operating with a very thin purse. With the club in shambles, financially at least, Xavi’s decision to buy the Arsenal forward might be a smart move.

Aubameyang, leaving out all the antics outside of the pitch is still a good player. Entrusting Xavi’s interpersonal skills, we hope this transfer will change the fortunes of both, the player and the club.

To summarise, Barcelona made the right move in signing Xavi and putting their faith in him. Despite having a limited budget to work with, Xavi has made the best of the situation. All three signings contribute to the worth of his Barcelona team. Add to that the already present academy talents, Xavi might be Barcelona’s hero all over again. This time with a suit and tie!