There have been debates about who was the best player in the world ever since football began, George Best, Maradona, Pele? But in this generation, there are two players who stand out above everyone else and who can genuinely lay claim to the title of the best player of all time. They are Messi and Ronaldo. So, which one is it?


When it comes to the stats, there is a clear winner. Ronaldo has played over 100 games more than Messi in his career for both club and country. In that time he has scored 18 goals more than Messi. In addition to this Messi also has more than 50 assists over the amount Ronaldo has. While it is obvious that both players are dedicated to their craft Messi is without a doubt a more effective player in terms of goals created for the team.


 International level is usually where Ronaldo is heralded as superior. But the facts say different. When it comes to NJ Sports Betting Messi and Ronaldo will almost always have the same odds to be top scorer at international tournaments. That is because they have very similar scoring rates at International level. Ronaldo scores a goal in 54% of matches, while Messi scores in 50%. Where Messi wins out is with assists, where he has almost twice as many as Ronaldo in 27 fewer games. Both players are absolutely incredible, but in terms of what they bring to the team, Messi just shades it.