Last week, Arsenal completed the loan deal for Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid for an estimated 17 million pounds. The deal doesn’t have a buy-clause after the one-year period is over but nevertheless, it is being touted as one of the smarter pieces of businesses done by the north London club. For a club which isn’t always associated with being smart in the market, this is a good sign.

Arsenal lost one of their best midfielders – Aaron Ramsey on a free transfer this summer and needed someone to bridge the gap in their squad. Can Ceballos be that player? Not necessarily since they’re both two different types of midfielders. Hence this transfer may also hint at a change in the system this season or a return to the old system deployed at the very beginning of Emery’s tenure at Arsenal.

As for the player himself, in this tactical analysis, we’ll prove how he’s worth the amount shelled out by Arsenal and how he adds something to the team which the current crop of players lack and hence adds greater dimension and unpredictability to the squad.

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