The Serbian is facing potential punishment for breaking coronavirus quarantine regulations, but he’s deemed to have been cleared to head home.

Luka Jovic broke coronavirus quarantine protocol at Real Madrid, together with the Serbian striker opting to head home through a period of self-isolation, and his dad admits”if he has to go to jail, then he goes”.

Milan Jovic is, however, adamant that his son has done nothing wrong.

The Blancos celebrity had cleared all medical tests before decided to return to his homeland to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday.

He should, however, happen to be at home when travelling from Spain, together with the Madrid camp having closed down following a basketball player on the club’s books tested positive for COVID-19.

Jovic is currently facing the danger of government-enforced punishment, but his dad expects the 22-year-old to be let off the hook until drastic action is taken.

“Luka had two tests done and he tested negative on both,” Milan Jovic told Puls Online.

“That is why he thought he could come to Serbia. Now it feels like he’s a significant criminal. If he must go to jail, then he belongs.

“I am completely in agreement with the [Serbian] president and prime minister [for threatening criminal charges], but only if he is guilty.

“I would support that decision if he had done something wrong, but he came in Belgrade and remained at home.

“[His girlfriend] Sofia is pregnant and she could not go out [to celebrate her birthday]. Some photographs have emerged of both out having fun, but they were from Spain.”

Jovic has attempted to suppress the furor surrounding his activities in a post on his personal Instagram account.

He explained:”Considering that the situation on earth and in our country is extremely difficult, I must come forward and provide support to my people.

“First of all, I am quite sorry that I’m the principal topic nowadays and that I’m constantly being written about, not the heroes of the crisis, physicians and all the healthcare professionals.

“While in Spain, I [tested] negative for coronavirus and chose to come to Serbia to assist and encourage our people and be near my loved ones, according to the officials.

“When I landed in Serbia, I was once again tested and coronavirus negative.

“it’s quite unfortunate for me that some folks did their job unprofessionally and didn’t give me the appropriate instructions for how to act in self-isolation.

“In Spain, I had been permitted to go to a drugstore and a supermarket so I could find the groceries I wanted, which isn’t the case here.

“I apologise to all the people if I compromised them somehow and I hope that we can figure out how to get through all this together. Support Serbia and let us stick together.”