The nature of betting in Laliga is such that you can know all about the sport from cover to cover, as well as the teams too. Ultimately, there are no guarantees on your bet succeeding; all you can do is predict as close to the outcome as possible through different means. One of the best ways to this through studying the statistics of previous outcomes.

The use of statistics in Laliga betting

The use of statistics can greatly enhance the outcome of your bets and presents a greater chance for you to beat the bookmarked. Whether you’re a big advocate of stats or rely more on your feeling, you cannot deny the place of statistics in betting today. Whether you like it or not, you subconsciously rely on a truckload of previous outcomes to place bets on games today. You can find some of the best bookmakers to bet on Laliga games at

Knowing Barcelona has beaten Eibar by a wide margin except for a few draws since 2016, gives your so-called guts confidence to place a bet on Barca. In the end, it’s more about what you know than think.

With the advancement of technology today, accessing statistics has never been easier, as there are a ton of websites offering it for free. However, access is different from utilization. What matters more is how you use the information you now have access to is key to making successful bets in Laliga.

How to use statistics to bet in Laliga?

It is extremely rare for a bettor to place a bet blindly without prior knowledge of the game. Today, statistics are used widely for successful bets in Laliga. As a casual bettor, you can start with using simple indicators like head-to-head records (H2H) to know where to place your money.

However, serious bettors can dig in a little deeper into more detailed statistics of Laliga, which reveals lots of truth. For example, Real Madrid averages the highest number of corners in the league this season, therefore, placing a bet for them to get the more corner in a game is a relatively safe bet.

On the other hand, Villarreal CF has received the highest penalties in Laliga this season with a total of 12. Therefore, placing penalty bets regarding the team is safer than placing on Real Madrid who is at the very bottom with 3. Keeping track of little data like this, and filtering out the needless ones, can as well be the thin line between winning bets and not.

Technology today had made a ton of stats available, from as little as how fast players run over a 100 m to how many 20 yards passes they make per game, it has never been more important to know the right things to focus on. Here are some of the best stats in Laliga to consider while betting:

  • League position;
  • Recent form;
  • Head to head;
  • Average goals;
  • Expected goals;
  • Shots per game. 

Gathering stats is only one side of the effort. You can know the form, head-to-head record, expected goals and the likes and still get it wrong. One stat that takes a high place among others is the team’s recent form. Despite previous records in Laliga, having a poor recent form could mean a different outcome from what stats predicted.