Another football season has started in Spain and many fans of this game began to closely follow the successes of their favorite teams. At the same time, many representatives of online casinos can be seen among the main sponsors this year. Among them are not only sports bookmakers, but also such clubs as Charm Casino, for example. Due to the pandemic, many large companies are suffering losses. For this reason, they are not yet able to provide financial support to football clubs. However, virtual gambling establishments did not stop their activities and now they can afford such expenses.

The reason why online casinos sponsor sports

It will be superfluous to say that any sponsorship should bring some kind of return (otherwise, it makes no sense). As for virtual establishments, they get an even larger audience that is keen on this sport (in this particular case, football). On the websites of gambling clubs, there is a special section where everyone can bet on the outcome of any match. Besides, online establishments receive the following benefits:
  • Advertising of the restaurant’s logo;
  • The attraction of new clients;
  • Attracting increased attention to a particular match;
  • The opportunity to become a sponsor of your favorite football team;
  • Mass publicity of the brand name.
A fan is most likely to decide to place a bet at a virtual casino if this establishment is a sponsor of his favorite team. However, there is another side to this issue ó fans of a competitor’s team will never turn to such a casino for services. Therefore, online establishments prefer to sponsor large clubs that already have multi-million dollar fans. However, this does not mean that they do not seek to attract new users. The larger the audience coverage, the more profit the virtual casino will receive in one way or another.

World practice of sports sponsorship

According to the latest data in 2019 (before the start of the pandemic), more than 60% of Spanish clubs were sponsored by online casinos. In the rest of the world, these numbers are much higher. The inscriptions of famous virtual casinos on the playersí T-shirts surprise no one. Every online establishment strives to highlight its brand on television and in the press – they act in their own interests. Nevertheless, the practice has shown that this is an effective marketing strategy that gives excellent results. Since 2017, the following transactions have been concluded in Spain:
  1. Sport†Pesa†has closed a deal of over $ 12 million, for a period of five years.
  2. Fun888 signed a three-year deal for $ 15 million.
  3. Popular club†Betway†was able to strike a deal with the football club for $ 13 million for several years.
  4. Dafabet†started its sponsorship career by investing about $ 5 million in football.
Online clubs have the highest preference for Premier League teams. This is due to the increased popularity of matches and the number of views. Thus, in Spain alone, the income from such bets brings the gambling establishment an income of about 15 million dollars. At the same time, in the intervals between the halves, they necessarily show an advertisement for one of the virtual casinos – and this is an influx of new potential customers.

Impact of the online gambling industry in Spain

Before the advent of virtual gambling establishments in Spain, large companies were the main sponsors of sporting events. Basically, this was done by firms that produce alcohol or food. However, now the gaming industry in Spain seeks to promote itself not only on television but also through advertising in sports stadiums. Thus, more and more online clubs are starting to sponsor. To choose the best betting option among this variety, you need to:
  1. Pay attention to reputation and visitor reviews.
  2. Different deposit methods must be present.
  3. A big advantage will be the availability of bets not only on football matches but also on other sporting events.
  4. There should be a virtual support service.
  5. Multilingualism is the convenience of users from different countries.
In Spain, the government receives good tax revenues from virtual establishments. This allows you to cover many items of expenditure for the various needs of the citizens of the country. Thanks to sponsorship from online clubs, football has gained a new wave of popularity in Spain. It is now one of the most lucrative industries in sports, especially in the Premier League. As for the development of this aspect in the future, at the moment it is safe to say that online casinos will continue to sponsor Spanish football clubs.