Villarreal achieved a big victory over Getafe by three goals against a goal in the ninth round of LaLiga in the match that was held at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez Stadium, with a clear brilliance for striker Paco Alcácer, who scored the first goal and passed a decisive pass in the second goal.

With Villarreal taking advantage of the advanced defence line from Getafe and playing in the space behind the two backs, specifically the right, with an attempt by the owners of the land to rely on crosses.

In this tactical analysis, we will try to see the ideas of coach Unai Emery with Villarreal in front of his counterpart José Bordalás with Getafe.


José Bordalás shifted between 3-5-2 and 4-4-2, as some names were changed in the defence line – with the absence of Damián Suárez for his expulsion against Valencia, Chema and Eric Cabaco were selected, and the absence of Matthias Oliveira has to be mentioned.

On the other hand, Unai Emery changed the tactical system from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 and made a couple of changes with the exclusion of Nigerian Samuel Chukwueze and the entry of Daniel Parejo.

La Liga 2020/2021: Getafe vs Villarreal - tactical analysis - tactics
Getafe in the defensive phase

Getafe coach Bordalás chose to adopt the idea of an advanced defensive line, with a four-man wall in the backline, and try to pressure the ball-carrier from Villarreal with shutting down the passing lanes.

Progress to the middle third was difficult for the Yellow Submarine with Getafe attempting to create numerical superiority in the centre, with players stepping up to an advanced area and trying to form pressure fronts to prevent passes in the space behind the backs.

We will try to see the way the Getafe team presses throughout the match, with a mind that it does not change even by changing the structure on the field.

La Liga 2020/2021: Getafe vs Villarreal - tactical analysis - tactics

Here we see a snapshot of the first attacks for the Villarreal team, which is trying to build the game from the back, we can see seven players from Getafe start the pressure process from the middle third to prevent the exit of the ball, and forcing the Villarreal defender to play the long ball.

Coach Bordalás preferred the middle and final thirds for the sake of positioning without the ball, as he thought about catching the ball in higher areas and reversing the attack while Villarreal had possession of the ball.

La Liga 2020/2021: Getafe vs Villarreal - tactical analysis - tactics

Here, the players of Getafe in all three lines were advanced in a vertically high position to cut the passing channels for Villarreal.

Attention to the depth of the field and the creation of density was the most important goal for Getafe while trying not to leave the attacking midfielders of Villarreal in a good positioning of the spaces between the lines.

la-liga-2020-21-Getafe vs Villareal -tactical-analysis-tactics

Here we see in the stage of building the attack from Parejo in Villarreal’s defensive line, we notice the positioning of Getafe’s defence in an advanced way, with a man-to-man system on the sides.

Getafe tried to apply high pressure and cause problems for Villarreal with the ball, but it seems that the homeowners fell into the same problems as Valencia’s last game.

Villareal exploit the spaces 

With Getafe’s ideas of adopting an advanced defence, Villarreal coach Unai Emery had to use the spaces left on the periphery in Getafe’s defence to reach the dangerous areas in the final third.

Mario Gasper advanced on the right and Alfonso Pedraza on the left to create density and the vertical solution to move in space was one of Villarreal’s most important weapons with a shift towards the field from left to right and back.

Here, we see how Villarreal’s offensive ideas were implemented in a distinctive way that made the team score easily.

la-liga-2020-21-Getafe vs Villareal -tactical-analysis-tactics

Here we can see the positioning of Villarreal right back Jasper in the space behind the wing Marc Cucurella, which made him go after a diversion towards play and then play the ball horizontally for Alcácer, who scored.

Space was largely behind the backs of the Getafe team, and this is due to the wrong positioning that the team had in the defensive and middle third of the stadium.

la-liga-2020-21-Getafe vs Villareal -tactical-analysis-tactics

Here the scroll is done horizontally towards Alcácer, with Moi Gómez moving vertically behind Getafe’s right-back Cabaco.

Villarreal succeeded in long balls by up to 52%, which explains the benefit of Getafe’s advanced defence line throughout the match.

la-liga-2020-21-Getafe vs Villareal -tactical-analysis-tactics

Here Vincent Iborra plays the usual long ball towards Gerrard Moreno behind the line of defence, breaking through the three lines of Getafe with one pass.

Coach Unai Emery managed the match excellently so that even with the available opportunities and creating spaces in the last third, he knew how to position himself without the ball.

Villareal without the ball 

Villarreal provided a balanced defensive match, with clear instructions from coach Unai Emery to his players during the lifetime of the match, either by pressing or determining the third required to be positioned.

Whereas, at the beginning of the meeting, the coach decided that his team would be present in the first third and conglomerate in front of the goal, while forming defensive fronts, pressuring the ball carrier, and cutting off its passes.

We will try to see Emery’s thoughts during this match to save Getafe on possession of the ball.

la-liga-2020-21-Getafe vs Villareal -tactical-analysis-tactics

Here, we notice that Iborra retreated to the backline, to become a defensive five-players in Villarreal, with the wings in a vertical position with the backs to confront Getafe’s offensive ideas based on crosses.

The process of horizontally inclining and relaying from Villarreal’s defenders and midfielders was truly unique, blocking ball passes and causing problems for Getafe’s players in the receiving and delivery process.

la-liga-2020-21-Getafe vs Villareal -tactical-analysis-tactics

Here, we notice Villarreal’s position in the defence of the area with the advancement and pressure of the left-back of the yellow submarines on Cabaco, and the failure of the solutions to receive the ball in an individual case.

Not leaving Getafe’s players in a PvP, or two-player position, the winger in Villarreal must return to support in the defensive process.

la-liga-2020-21-Getafe vs Villareal -tactical-analysis-tactics

Here the full-back has advanced to press the ball carrier, with the winger ready to go back and cut the ball passes to prevent Getafe from penetrating the side and using crosses.

Getafe’s attack relied heavily on the sides with crosses, which Villarreal tried to stop him during the match.

Getafe attacking tactics

Playing the ball on the sides and distributing it horizontally to break the defence for Villarreal, especially since the last coach adopted a late line of defence.

José Bordalas, the coach of Getafe, tried to exploit the capabilities of the side players in playing crosses to penetrate the defence of the owners of the land, with the attackers leaving outside the area and then starting vertically.

We will try to see the coach’s offensive ideas that he repeated as happened against Valencia in the last match.

la-liga-2020-21-Getafe vs Villareal -tactical-analysis-tactics

Here the ball is with Nemanja Maksimovic on the right side, with both Cucho Hernández and Enes Ünal at the borders of the opponent’s penalty area, ready to go to request the ball behind the defence, and take advantage of the spaces between the back and the centre of defence.

la-liga-2020-21-Getafe vs Villareal -tactical-analysis-tactics

Here Hernández comes out of the area to leave room for another player to advance in the attacker’s position, and here we see ideas of changing positions to flounder the opponent’s defence accounts.

la-liga-2020-21-Getafe vs Villareal -tactical-analysis-tactics

Once again, Getafe team increased in the penalty area while waiting for the cross, but all these crosses did not find the striker distinguished in terms of horizontal and vertical moves.

In contrast, there was Villarreal striker Alcácer, who was one of the main stars of the match due to his movements and his request for the ball between the lines and behind Getafe’s defenders.

Alcácer’ movements 

Alcácer is one of the leading strikers in Spain, scoring, making, and moving without a ball in a distinctive way, whose danger lies between the lines in the last third.

Moving behind the opponent’s defenders and asking for the ball was clear to the Spanish striker as he contributes to the coach’s tactics in terms of following direct play.

We will try to see through these examples the danger of the player and during this part of the analysis, we will try to focus on his movements.

la-liga-2020-21-Getafe vs Villareal -tactical-analysis-tactics

Here we see his request for the ball in the space between the right-back and the centre of the defence, in terms of Getafe, to take advantage of the opponent’s advanced defence and go directly to the goal, which he succeeded and provided a decisive pass to Gerard Moreno.

He had 100% correct passes, as he passed 9 balls, all of which were correct, and this is distinctive for him as a striker.

la-liga-2020-21-Getafe vs Villareal -tactical-analysis-tactics

Here we see the opposite, as he moves between the defence and in the space behind him, while he asks the ball from his teammate to become alone with the goal.

Alcácer played distinctively during the match, shooting two balls into the goal frame, one of them was scored and a decisive pass was provided.


With this victory, Villarreal came in second place with 18 points, behind leaders Real Sociedad with 20 points, and is based on Atletico Madrid in the third with 17 points and Real Madrid in the fourth with 16 points.