La Liga president Javier Tebas has never been an individual to shy away from letting his feelings be known about certain topics.

The president has been rather outspoken in the past on a variety of different subjects and it appears he has decided to provide his own two cents on the latest matters currently being discussed within the world of football. Bettors are able to place wagers worth a little more than two cents but they would be wise to head to sites such as to find the best offers available to them.

Tebas has dismissed the prospect of a breakaway European Premier League and has gone as far as to state that such a proposal is a product of “ignorance” and one that would only look good at a certain time in a certain place.

It is extremely clear that he is against the proposal and has not minced his words surrounding the possibility of it happening. His comments also appear to suggest that he is not convinced that it would even be a possibility that is realistic.

“The authors of this idea, if they really exist because there is nobody actually defending it, not only show total ignorance of the organisation and customs of European and world football, but also a serious ignorance of the audiovisual rights markets,” he explained to ESPN when asked about the reported plans.

“A project of this type will mean serious economic damage to the organisers themselves and to those entities that finance it, if they exist, because they’re never official. These ‘underground’ projects only look good when drafted at a bar at 5 in the morning.”

For those that are not aware of what this breakaway European Premier League is, reports had started to circulate on Tuesday suggesting that Liverpool and Manchester United would be keen in starting up the new competition.

The league format, which received backing from Wall Street giants JP Morgan, had hopes of being started in 2022, although there has been strong resistance from a plethora of individuals that feel it would not be right for the game.

Whilst we already have the Champions League, this tournament would essentially replace the competition as Europe’s main showpiece and that would likely upset UEFA, as well as the vast majority of other Football Associations across the continent.

Whilst it is nowhere near a reality at the moment, La Liga can look forward to witnessing another El Clasico this weekend as FC Barcelona host Real Madrid on Saturday afternoon.