The Champions League is finally back and all is once again well with the world. European football has been gone for far too long to count, and that is exactly why Tuesday’s result might sting a bit more than we would like it to.

Olympique Lyonnais hosted Barcelona at their Groupama Stadium in a clash of two extremely attack-minded teams as goals galore were expected. But as is the case so often, what is on paper rarely reflects what actually transpires on the pitch with both the French and the Catalan teams failing to rattle each other’s nets.

The visitors will however be the more disappointed ones, or at least they should be,. They had control over most of the proceedings in France while the home team will undoubtedly settle for this goalless draw and take their chances at the Camp Nou in a couple of weeks’ time.

This tactical analysis will use statistics to dissect the game that promised much but delivered very little in terms of the scoreline, and determine who were the actual victors of a rather uninspiring draw.

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