Between fans and the football media, there is a constant debate about which players are truly the best. This is often a difficult question, with many caveats. With so much incredible talent playing in different leagues, it can be a challenge to claim one player is better than another in his position. You’ve heard every argument there is from football analysts and passionate fans, but what if we take another opinion into consideration? The FIFA video game series is tasked every year with creating accurate stats for the players and numerically listing their opinion of the best players. 

While there have been some bad releases over the years here and there, the FIFA video game series has consistently been the most fun and captivating sports games to play. FIFA 18 was even ranked as the best football electronic version of all time for its impact engine and realistic feel. Now FIFA 21 has built on the success of its prior releases. One thing the series is known for is its accurate ratings of the players and giving credit where it’s due to the world’s top footballers. Let’s see how the best players in La Liga stack up this year. 

Lionel Messi – Barcelona

Of course, the one player most can agree is the best in La Liga is also considered the best in the world. Messi tops the charts again in FIFA 21 as the most talented player in the game. With a 93 overall ranking, he stands tall above everyone else. His stats are incredible, with a 93 in positioning, 95 in finishing, 94 in long shots and 96 in both ball control and dibbling. It’s hard to argue that Messi isn’t the true greatest player in the sport today. 

Jan Oblak – Atlético Madrid

Next on the list of best La Liga players is the goalkeeper, Jan Oblak. Between Messi and Oblak in the FIFA 21 rankings are many talented players like Ronaldo and Lewandowski, but Oblak sits comfortably in the #6 overall place. Oblak is not only the 2nd most valuable player in La Liga, but he is the clear best goalkeeper in the sport today. In FIFA 21, he receives an incredible 91 overall rating, with a 92 in handling, 90 in reflexes, and 90 in positioning. 

Marc-André ter Stegen – Barcelona

Of course, Oblak also receives competition from the Barcelona goalkeeper, Marc-André ter Stegen. There may be a healthy argument regarding where he is on the list of best goalkeepers in the world, but he has certainly earned his spot as the #11 overall best player in FIFA 21. He is sensational for Barcelona, and his in-game stats reflect this. He has been rewarded with a 90 overall, 90 in reflexes, 88 in diving, 85 in handling, and 88 in positioning. 


Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid

With Sergio Ramos begins a wide stretch of Real Madrid players. This club is absolutely flush with talent, and you can expect many of the footballers here to be considered among the best in La Liga. Ramos is therefore often called the strongest center back in the league. He is rated 89 overall, still putting him a head above many other players, even on his own team. Ramos has exceptional tackling skills with a standing tackle rating of 88 and a sliding tackle rating of 90. His aggression is also a 90, and his defense is an 88. For a dynamic player who plays defense and offense well, it is hard to beat Ramos. 

Karim Benzema – Real Madrid

Benzema is next when discussing the best La Liga and Real Madrid players. A lot has been made of the now 33 year old center forward. He spent many years in the shadow of Ronaldo, but has since grown to be a solid and successful player that has helped keep the club together after Ronaldo’s departure. His efforts haven’t gone unnoticed either. FIFA 21 has given him an 89 rating overall, with an overall shooting rating of 85. His individual skills are also very good. Benzema has a 90 in positioning, 90 in ball control, 88 in finishing, and 84 in shot power. Real Madrid also takes the next five slots on the list of best La Liga players according to FIFA 21, with Casemiro, Thibaut Courtois, Toni Kroos, Eden Hazard and Luka Modrić coming up not long after.