Soccer is a popular game known by everyone on the planet. Then there are die-hard fans of football who believe that nothing can come between them and a good match. Many football fans love to predict the matches, and websites such as NetBet Sport provide a platform for that purpose. There is no greater feeling than predicting a game right. While some rely on luck to guess the outcome of specific matches, others rely on statistical football information and analysis to make better predictions.

You need not rely on luck when predicting football matches, especially when placing football bets. We have seen many cases in history whereby weak teams win games against their superior or experienced opponents, although such cases are rare. Plus, football is quite unpredictable. You should analyze the league, players, previous scores, team history, and other factors associated with a particular match. Check out these insights into predicting football matches better.

Weigh the variables

When it comes to predicting football matches, consider all the variables. But what kind of variables should you use to analyze a game? The first thing you need to look at is team performance data. That includes evaluating their goal differential, shots on goal, shots on target, location of shots, and possession. Even bookmakers collect this kind of data before providing odds between opponents.

Also, try to analyze the previous ten matches of the team. Evaluating the variables surrounding a particular game can be time-consuming, but it is worth it.

Consider the goal expectancy.

Many online resources, including betting sites and sports forums, can give you an idea of the goal expectancy of a match. This is why it is also vital to check match previews. Professional commentators also provide insightful information into the possible goals of a particular game. Also, be on the lookout for ball possession rates of various teams. Ensure you collect more data on goal expectancy from different sources so that you comprehend the possibility of goals between teams.

Keep in mind the home-ground advantage.

According to expert football statistics, a team with the home ground advantage performs better. A team that is playing at home can get a +0.74 goal advantage. Based on football history, many football clubs from Europe’s leagues perform much better on home ground. You can use this kind of data when analyzing matches. This is because home ground provides the players with much more fans than away, which motivates them. We have seen it in previous matches where home ground helps weak teams win against solid teams.

What is the team lineup?

A team is as strong as its players. Before placing a football bet, take your time to evaluate the team’s roster. Experienced players in a team can provide better chances for it to win the game. However, you should not underestimate the new players in the team since they can also impact the results. Try to find out as much information about the players as possible.

Look at the goal differential.

The goal differential is the most available data in any football statistical category, which provides valuable information about a match. But still, goals can be random, which is why football matches sometimes offer unexpected results. The most important thing is to assess the data provided about the goal differential of the game. You also have to check the previous performances of the team to predict the game better.

Shot on goal

Every shot for a goal is different but ideally, the more a player tries to shot a goal, the more the chances of achieving it. Here you need to find out more about the ball possession of a team and their number of shots and goal shots. According to expert football statistics, teams with a bigger ball possession percentage have a better chance of making better shots.

Location of shots

As a fact, some teams can make better shots from a particular position of the pitch. On the other hand, an opposing team may have the best defense at specific pitch parts. Therefore the location of shots is valuable during your prediction. You can calculate the possibility of shots from various positions of the pitch.


As you can see, predicting football matches requires more insight into statistical information because football matches can be hard to predict. But applying football statistics and mathematics helps you make a better and informed production. Do not rely on luck when betting but use analytical data to your advantage.