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Most dedicated soccer fans feel somewhat uneasy when there’s a natural break between seasons or a long wait for big games. A situation where all games are postponed indefinitely is even more difficult but has to be respected. While we cannot be sure what is going to happen next, we have to stay patient and hope that the worse won’t come, which would be a total cancellation of La Liga competitions.

Every player and manager has to be aware that even the best-performing teams need to have a little bit of luck from time to time if they want to win trophies. We witnessed many memorable fortunate moments in the history of sport over the years and the champions that emerged as a result. It is a part of the game, but what is happening right now is just hard to accept. It’s not easy to think that the outcomes in the best leagues in the world could be decided by anything but playing the ball.

When taking a shot at La Liga analysis, there are four most possible scenarios emerging, although more ideas will inevitably develop as the situation progresses. First of all, and that is what everybody in Spain still hopes for, there could be a possibility to finish the season. Contrary to the current prognosis about the unfortunate circumstances taking longer than previously thought, it’s still possible. Due to the UEFA Euro championships being postponed to next year, there is a window of opportunity to finish up with the league and European cups games. Will there be enough dates to pull this off? We will have to see.

If the most optimistic expectations don’t pan out, it will be the time to turn for more rigorous measures. When it’s not likely to reschedule all the matches, UEFA and Spanish federation officials will need to get creative, while keeping a reasonable approach. For instance, they may want to decide the outcomes based on the current state of affairs. That would make Barcelona the champions of La Liga, leaving Real Madrid, Sevilla, and Real Sociedad behind, with a secured spot for next Champions League edition. It is one way to end things, but in search of a compromise, the winners and losers can also be appointed by taking into account only the results after the first half of the season. In such a case, it would also mean a title for Barcelona, with a goal difference advantage over Real Madrid.

Lastly, there is always a threat that La Liga competitions will be declared void. There could be no champion, and no team promoted or relegated. It’s not a comfortable turn of events for most clubs. However, the teams currently in a danger zone will have the most to gain – notably, an indisputable candidate for relegation – Espanyol.

On the other hand, the mood at Getafe will be very different. Should the most pessimistic scenario happen, shareholders from Estadio Coliseum Alfonso Pérez will surely have a right to feel a sense of injustice. After all, the club has gathered only one point less than the current third place and is behind a fourth-place only by a goal difference. They have been performing very well in the Europa League as well. In the name of the game, we can only hope that it could be avoided.