The MLS has been widely viewed – whether rightly or wrongly – as a league that players go to after having played some of their best football to wind down and relax as they approach the final years of their careers.

Indeed, there are a number of players who have had success in La Liga in the past to have made the switch to America in order to do that, with individuals including Thierry Henry, David Villa, David Beckham and Gonzalo Higuain among those to have done exactly that, with the latter of those still playing.

Naturally, those that continue to want amazing MLS betting odds continue to look at the squads that are available and the players to have formerly competed in top European leagues including La Liga as they feel that they will be given the best chance of obtaining the outcome that they want.

However, that got us thinking about which current La Liga players could end up in the MLS once their careers start to enter the final stages?

Let’s take a look at a few of those that could potentially make the switch and suggest how they could get on.

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez continues to perform at the very top of his game for Atletico Madrid, however he has not hidden the fact that a move to America could be an avenue he explores once his time at Los Rojiblancos comes to an end.

in fact, according to reports to have already been circulating, it has been claimed that he wants to join Inter Miami should he make the move to the MLS.

Indeed, it would be easy to expect the Uruguayan superstar to be a sensation if he were to line up in the MLS, as the South American has continued to be prolific wherever he has played and continues to remain a real threat.

Gerard Pique

Although an FC Barcelona stalwart and a player that might not be looking to go anywhere soon, there is every chance that Gerard Pique could look to make a move to the MLS in the future.

Again, Inter Miami is seen as a potential suitor for the defender, although that could be due to the Latino links that the city of Miami has and the connection that his wife, Shakira, will likely have with the region.

Then again, who would not want a player of Pique’s ability on their roster and improving their team in an immense way, even if his performances have started to decline for the Catalan giants as age catches up with him?